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Amanda Gorman


Amanda Gorman

Introducing the boundless creativity of Amanda Gorman, an Australian Multidisciplinary Artist whose art transcends traditional boundaries. With a dynamic repertoire ranging from contemporary ink masterpieces to enchanting children's illustrations and fine art sketches, Amanda is a true artistic force.

Immersed in a world of perpetual inspiration, Amanda sees the entire cosmos as her canvas. From the delicate flutter of a leaf in the wind to the intricate pattern on a shirt, she draws ceaseless inspiration from the world around her. Early on, Amanda honed her skills through intensive studies in drawing, colour, graphic design, and watercolour, crafting a foundation that serves as the bedrock of her artistic prowess.

Among her most compelling creations are realism sketches that capture the essence of both people and animals. Amanda takes her meticulously hand-drawn pieces and transforms them into vivid spectacles, infusing them with electrifying colours and dynamic shapes using her digital expertise.

In the realm of illustration, Amanda has left an indelible mark with her children's book 'Too Tight for Tilly,' released in December 2020 and met with resounding success.

Her venture, the 'UNDERCURRENT' collection, unveiled large-scale ink pieces inspired by the sea. Here, Amanda's abstract expressionism took centre stage, allowing her to break free from the precision demanded by realism. The result a captivating dance of billowing ink flows adorned with robust pigments, creating an immersive visual experience on a grand scale.

Amanda's art has graced the pages of renowned publications, including Blank Street Press, Home Design National, 123Art Magazine in New York City, Ocean Road Magazine, Nevertheless journal, and Arts in the Alley. She has also made a mark in the art world through participation in art shows, art prizes, and solo exhibitions. Delving deeper into the kaleidoscope of Amanda Gorman's artistic endeavors, her impact extends beyond the canvas into the realm of fashion and design. Collaborating seamlessly with local costume and fashion designers, Amanda has translated her distinctive artistry onto fabric, giving birth to stunning red carpet outfits for the Directors of the Gold Coast Music Awards—an event of which she is a luminary herself.

This visionary artist has not only adorned the shoulders of Gold Coast's music directors but has also lent her creative touch to the world of accessories. Amanda's designs grace a bespoke tote bag and notebooks for the esteemed women's magazine, Nevertheless, a testament to her versatility in weaving art seamlessly into everyday life.

Amanda's artistic footprint extends far and wide, as she continues to grace various exhibitions and art prizes throughout the region, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural tapestry of the Gold Coast. Her work has become a beacon, drawing attention not just for its aesthetic brilliance but for the profound narratives woven into each piece.

In her relentless pursuit of artistic innovation, Amanda harbors aspirations of grand collaborations, envisioning a future where her distinctive designs converge with renowned fashion houses. Among her loftiest goals is a collaboration with the iconic 'GORMAN,' where the worlds of Gorman and Gorman collide in a fusion of creativity—an ambition that mirrors her own namesake.

Dreaming even beyond the realm of apparel, Amanda harbors aspirations of curating a homewares collection in collaboration with the distinguished 'Maxwell & Williams.' Imagining a world where her artistic vision transforms the very fabric of everyday life, Amanda's goals exemplify a boundless ambition to seamlessly integrate art into every facet of human experience.

As Amanda Gorman continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted artistic journey, one can't help but be drawn into the vibrant tapestry she weaves—a tapestry that extends far beyond the confines of traditional artistry and into the very fabric of our culture. The journey unfolds, and with each stroke, Amanda propels herself toward the realization of her grandest aspirations.

Residing in Tallai on the Gold Coast with her family, Amanda finds solace and inspiration in her home studio, where creativity knows no bounds. Explore the ever-evolving tapestry of Amanda Gorman's artistry on her website, follow her on Instagram @amandagormanartist, and connect on Facebook @amandagormanartist. For inquiries, contact Amanda at or call 0409 997 285.

Step into the realm of Amanda Gorman, where art becomes a limitless expression of imagination, and every stroke tells a captivating story.

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